The angle of this Billboard-

Two people massage each other's defects.

Cash Objects come together, shuffle around, needling for favorable cohesion.

I believe in these graves; see them, confront them, study them so, so intensely. But they are not all that we have.

And this item, with its private, abstract world, with its nightmare of the perceived pressure of a unified political world.

Gazing, longing into one eye: "0h, i just thought we had experienced the same world, and it wasn't true."

People walk into the room now through the main entrance.

Perhaps we will become more sophisticated and just look at the edges of the illusion?

There is this real tension, and it's affecting my body, and your body. I can't tell if it's torture. Maybe it's growth? I just really can't tell.

Here lie both the corpses and headstones of the Orphan Refugee Pilgrims!

Outside of the space there is an old man, from his arm chair Trolling; having it out with the youth, his Rage Porn.

We both agreed that we hate the word "porn," but our need to comprehend our addiction to Rage Porn outweighed that distaste.

Thank you.

whitney claflin + brendan harman