Jake Davidson
A Touch Syndrome

January 12 - February 8, 2013
Opening: Saturday, January 12th 7:00-10:00

Nothing carries the root of its own meaning in itself1. Things are never just inert objects, passive items, or lifeless shucks, but consist of tensions, forces, hidden powers, all being constantly exchanged2. One clings to the lost objects of the lost one, animating the one who is gone, such animating powers indirectly testify to a persistent aliveness in the midst of loss3. Survival, that is the life beyond life, the life that is more than life4. Once a Rogue5. She has 12 cats or maybe a couple less; each one inhabits a floor of a special house she built for them6. I would rather think of humility than anything else7. We change much more slowly than we think or may wish to8.

1Hegel 2Hito Steyerl 3Judith Butler 4Derrida 5Megan Davidson 6Lynne Lawner 7Agnes Martin 8Rainer Werner Fassbinder